From the calendar, to the contacts, to facebook and google, synergy brings in all this into a neat little package. I thought this was really nice when I first used Synergy, but I never really knew how amazing it is until I replaced my phone. Restoring all my applications, contacts, and calendars was as easy as logging into my Palm Profile and the other accounts.

webOS Community

Second to none is the webOS community. The most zealous and passionate mobile phone community. It is most evident by the way homebrew has taken off and how the good people over at webOS internals, webOS Roundup, precentral (just to name a few) have dedicated countless of hours to making this the best mobile operating system in the world.


Speaking of the webOS community, the homebrew available for this phone is out of this world. I’m not only talking applications, but rather patches and pushing the limits of the hardware. I think what makes webOS so much better than all the other mobile OS out there is customization and how easy it is for anyone to customize their device to their liking. I’m talking brightness controls to overclocking the CPU to 1GHz to visual changes to the icons in the launcher. The customizations are endless and instead of being displayed in a tedious wall-of-settings type of display, they are provided by the wonderful homebrew installer Preware.

Palm (and now HP)

They do know how to win over loyal customers. They take the cake by being hard at work at providing mobile OS updates very frequently, accepting and embracing homebrew, giving back to the webOS community, and for their work in the open-source community. Their developer relations team also merits some thanks for their hard work too.


By far the most developer-friendly SDK ever created. Sure there are some quirks here and there but it’s definitely very solid and provides plenty of options. What’s best is that if the SDK doesn’t suit your needs then you can use the PDK.


This was a genius idea. I believe the future is in the web, and the future is in the cloud. And Palm made a genius move by making the web the core of their operating system. This will help advance the future of web development and better our current web technology standards. Thanks Palm!

Type to Search

Sick feature. And with synergy it’s even better. This makes finding anything on your find quick and painless, as well as dialing phone numbers, visiting websites or just searching for information online.

Gesture Area

Another excellent, innovative feature. The solution to the back/forward button problem, now with no buttons! But the gesture area is so much more than that. Context menus, shortcuts, advanced gestures. What better way to put that dead space beneath your screen to better use?


True, real, multitasking. Multitasking, done the right way. This isn’t a cheap trick in multitasking. Applications actually run fully in the background and switching between each application is seamless. Best of all, closing an application actually closes it. Hands down the best multitasking experience on any mobile OS.


The unobtrusive notification system along with the complete and total control the user has over individual notifications makes this notification system the best out of any mobile OS out there.